Our Priority

Provide valuable therapeutic solutions
Focused on patients suffering from Rare Diseases
In Greece and Cyprus

> 7,000

Rare Diseases are known globally

> 500,000

suffering from a rare disease in Greece

1 out of 2

patients with rare disease is a child

3 out of 10

children affected never reach their 5th birthday
Rare Diseases are hard to diagnose, complex to study and challenging to treat.
Patients need access to effective therapies, but the healthcare budgets are squeezed.

The way value is defined, measured and interpreted in rare diseases is complex & constantly changing.

Access to treatments for Rare Diseases faces unique challenges reaching the local markets.

Successful biotech companies developing treatments for Rare Disease build specialized and holistic global strategies and further adapting their approaches to the local market environments. Specifically in Europe, no unified framework exists for evaluating the benefit of such treatments for Rare Diseases. Local expertise is essential to monitor on regular basis the constant changes of evaluation processes for Rare Disease Treatments and address concerns and risk of local payers accordingly.

About Us

Our focus

The rare disease patient

Our mission

We are committed to enable timely access to valuable therapeutic solutions for every patient suffering from a rare disease in Greece & Cyprus

Our unique element

Our overarching rare disease mindset

Our Services
are providing tailored made solutions according to the specialized needs, aiming the timely & seamless access to the Treatments of Rare Diseases for the patients need them.

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