Market access coordination

Payers and policymakers are constantly revising the mechanisms and processes relating to reimbursement decisions for Rare Disease treatments. There is, as yet, little consensus on the best approach for assessing the value and determining the appropriate price of Rare Disease treatments.
In the highly regulated and complex National Health Systems and environments of Greece & Cyprus, it is critical to have expert advice, not only on key regulatory items but also on key technical issues related to Orphan Drug medicine.
  • Price & Reimbursement Requests / Negotiations for any Drug in the National Health System:
  • National Health System Established Relationships & Processes in Greece & Cyprus
  • Region Health Care Authorities Established Relationships & Processes in Greece and Cyprus
  • Value dossiers and visualisation
  • Payer negotiation and objection handling
  • Budget impact modelling preparation and negotiation
  • Established Relationships with Patient Organizations
  • Established Relationships with Scientific Associations

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